Work as a translator

Probably outdated in terms of modern science, but useful in everyday life, talking about the definition of the nature which includes the dominant figures in response to stimuli or situations. For typical situations such translator is loneliness in front of a computer, no boss, no imposed rhythm of the day, omnipresent freedom ... Is this something that what you always wanted? If so, your choice to be a freelancer translator is very good. Remember, however, that there is no freedom without responsibility. Translator itself regulates the hours of their work and the amount and rate one. Are you sure you can responsibly manage your own time? Are you sure, you know how to keep the situation of months of work in solitude? Questions concerning the well-being and health is not worth leaving unanswered.

After all, life is only one. Remember that feedback from the environment you live in can be very valuable for you, and its absence resulting from prolonged exposure away from people, deprives you of this natural regulatory factor. A good tranlator can thus be he who knows himself, and thus is able to organize his lives so emotional to be able to fully experience of life and your translation work bring a range of benefits translator multidimensional performance. Otherwise, the translator does not translate effectively, and his career in the industry would soon end. If you have already thought about your mental predisposition to the profession of translator and still not reject thoughts about 1/3 of life spent in front of the monitor, if you have the right character, you have to ask yourself more questions about your abilities and their use in the market. You're in luck, because the market in which you want to start work belongs to the richest 20% of the world market! Enjoying the friendly professional interpreter of contemporary geopolitical Republic, bearing in mind that the Polish translation market generates large amounts of text, consider choosing your own way to participate in this market, and in fact the choice of market or niche market.

You can choose from the market of literary translations, technical translations, writing, interpreting the market, in turn, is divided on the accompanying translation market (whispering, interpreting with sound transmission systems, made during training by working machines and production lines during guided tours, etc.), the market for consecutive interpretation and simultaneous. So, choose your best way to make your career successful.

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