Translation - a job for everyone?

If you ask a professional translator, what is the most important feature that distinguishes a good interpreter from a bad, undoubtedly he will say: the calling. Someone who has always wanted to be a translator, devoted many years of studies, professional development and still wants to educate in this field, translation is his passion - certainly will be a better translator than someone who grew up in a completely different field and contact with a foreign language was only occasional. Also much better in this comparison will be a translator who has other hobbies (e.g.: IT, law and finances) – besides solid basis that relate to translation, he will know the vocabulary and domain knowledge,  which is more than enough to translate the text accurately.

Lets think how many of our friends, employees or associates operates fully correct Polish language.Would we entrust them eg. the translation of advertising materials concerning our company, that may provide worldwide recognition; would we entrust it to someone who happens to say "you can taken the flyer...?" The foregoing translation certainly will not show the fututre customers our professionalism and attention to detail...

We should also remember the fact that a professional translator is working on his reputation  ( company or name) the entire life. Before handing over the text to a client one will read it several times, also will hand over the text to a proofreader to check, or at least ask a friend interpreter opinion. A professional translator cannot simply afford to hand over a text with errors, to fail in meeting the deadline of the task or to alienate the client. A worker who is asked for a translation of the text in case of errors of ommissions in translation, can always explain himself with workload, going beyond the scope of duties or just simple lack of knowledge.
In conclusion, hiring a professional translator ever for simple texts translation, instead translating the text on one's own is cost-effective because:

translators work

- we reduce the risk of errors in translation to a minimum (such risk may have purely financial consequences),
- we can expect a short time of realization and accordance with all requirements,
- we are sure that the job is done by a passionate and an expert in the field,
- we care about language correctness, even if it is a translation on our native language,
- if necessary, it is easy to complain and make corrections in the translation.


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