What should characterize a good English translator ?

What should a good English translator be like? What features one should have to be able to guarantee us a professional translation of a given material? What really should we pay attention to while seeking such a person? For these and many other questions regarding the above described profession, I will try to answer in the following article.

A good translator of English (but not only) should be characterized by a high level of language skills. It is not only about an excellent use of foreign language (undoubtedly it is also very important), but also about the competence of one's mother tongue. Why English translator should have the above? If one is not able to talk and write in accordance with stylistic rules, spelling and grammar of a mother tongue, even if one understand the translated text which is translated in every detail, one will not be able to translate it professionally. None of us would like to receive the translated text which is simply stuffed with stylistic, spelling or grammar errors. It is also important to have so called a "knack for the written word". Not everyone who knows the English language can become a translator. If one cannot write freely, lacks rich vocabulary in mother tongue so his translations are not worthy to be called professional. It is worth remembering that the translator often works under time pressure. Therfore, one should do well with stressful situations and be dispositional. A good English translator can produce a professional translation regardless of the length of the text and short term implementation.  

Not only among companies, but also among many private clients can be observed the belief that the translation is a job for everyone. One of the employees can take care of it who knows English (and the rest will be translate via google translate)- because of that fact translation services seem superfluous. Is it really so?


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