Features of a good website translation

The location of websites is almost a separate category of translation now. We could even say that it is a kind of specialized translation. It is due to the fact that the proper translation of the website or business card requires from the interpreter the exploration of the secrets of the website construction and optimization.

How to translate?

The way how we translate the web page depends on the text type included in it. Let us present it on the example of the German language. This may be specialized translation, sometimes technical (for example, if the page contains detailed technical specifications of products or manuals). Or, it may be standard translation when the location refers primarily to advertising or information texts (such as information about the company, contact details or short offer description). In general, wep pages contain both types of texts, so in this case we do as we do with other written translations. Therefore, the accuracy of the translation is important. If additional, translated wep page for example, the German website should be immediately optimized for German search engines, this means that the translation should be done with the aim of these activities. It means the usage of selected key words, editing headlines and texts within the web page.While searching on the net "technical translations German" not only will we find few companies that offer specialized translations, but we will also find professional website location.

What to translate?

content to translate

We have already discussed the issue of text on the page, ie. "the content" now is the time to take care of the details. If the site is actually designed for the German users, we should also take care of the graphics translation. This is very important if the buttons, banners and other graphical elements on the page contain Polish words. Translating only the content without the graphics can make the site look unprofessional, additionally, it may confuse the German-speaking customer. It is also good to translate the links within the website or internal links. This gives us a better optimization for German search engines. If we want our German website to be promoted in the future, we cannot forget about the back of the main page and the titles of subpages.


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